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Hi, my name is Christopher. I am a creative person and am passionate about working with PowerPoint. I background in Business, also a Bachelor Degree in International Business and have gained working experience in marketing, procurement and sales management of multinational organizations. PowerPoint and presenting have been crucial elements of my work. Over the Years I have enhanced my skills to a high standard. I have learned how to communicate data effectively and how to design Top-Class presentations. I enjoy working on creative and exciting processes and projects. With the Presentation Champion, I would like to share my experience with you, help you to become successful with presentations and change the lives of many people! Join me on this journey!



“Transform your professional life with presentation and communication skills”

Get a valuable qualification
Win clients and deals
Grow in your career
Save Time and Money
Improve your Employability

Become a great presenter

Learn and master the skills of top speakers and presenters. We will provide you with proven tools for your presentation success. Become a successful speaker and grow in your career and life. Get insights into techniques that make presentations powerful and persuade your audience

Grow in Career and Life

The Presentation Champion is made to help you succeed and grow in your career and life. WIth a course certificate you can add a valuable qualification to your CV and make an impression on your employer. The course will help you to accelerate in your career and life with presentation and communication skills

Productivity & Efficiency

Time is money! Creating a presentation can take a long time. Well, think again: The course will present you a unique system and Formula with useful steps that will make a great looking, structured, thoughtful presentation in much less time. You will learn how to increase efficiency and to work much smarter.


The Presentation Champion covers all the important functions of Microsoft PowerPoint and explains them step-by-step and in a methodical way. The course will make you proficient in visual communication and PowerPoint and you will learn the secrets of great Presentations.

Benefits of the Presentation Champion

Grow yourself and build your professional skills
Add a great job qualification to your resume
Grow in your life and career
Find your perfect job
Become super-efficient in creating presentations
Become a master persuader
Have a lasting impression on your audience
Become less stressed in your job
Use PowerPoint for marketing and advertisement
Achieve higher grades with great presentations in college or university


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The Presentation Champion Box combines the best programs and trainings on Presentation and Communication skills. The Box consists of the PowerPoint Master Professional Course, The Rules of Presentation Success and The 1-Hour Presentation Formula. This is a unique product that will provide you with the best training for your individual personal and professional growth and success with presentations. Remember, we want to help you transform your professional life and believe in the potential in everyone of you.  Take action now and get the Presentation Champion Box!

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