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Hi, my name is Christopher, I am the Founder of the Presentation Champion, the platform for your business success with visual communication. I am a creative person and am passionate about working on presentations and branding. I have a background in Business, also a Bachelor Degree in International Business and have gained working experience in marketing, procurement, finance and sales management of multinational organizations. PowerPoint and presenting have been crucial elements of my work.

Over the Years I have enhanced my skills to a high standard. I have learned how to communicate data effectively and how to design Top-Class presentations. The goal of the Presentation Champion is to help you as a business to increase your sales with presentation & branding resources. We have a unique platform with highly functional and performance-oriented tools that will let your business stand out from the crowd.

Whether it is a business presentation, sales pitch, slideshow or a 1-page business template: Our tools have been designed to help you optimize your brand impression and makes business presentations easy for you. The Presentation Champion does also provide you with training courses on presentation skils as well as systems to work smarter and to save time and money.



“Helping businesses win clients and deals with visual communication and presentation resources”

Win clients and deals
Increase Productivity
Increase your closing ratio
Brand your business
Increase your closing ratio

Support your business growth

In times of information overload and competitive markets, it becomes more and more important to stay ahead of the game. With business templates that are specifically designed to support you in sales presentations, meetings or promotions you will increase your sales closing ratios and support your business growth

Rise above your competition

Customers no longer except long and boring PowerPoint presentations. As a business you will need highly user-targeted communication that your clients will immediately understand. Your message also needs to be communicated in a responsive friendly way for mobile devices. This will let you brand stand out to rise above your competition

Reduce error costs in internal communications

A large portion of all error costs in business can be attributed to communication problems. The consequences of unclear communication can be dramatic. The aviation industry is a role model for this and understands to minimize risks with the right techniques, tools and procedures in place. We will utilize these best practices and introduce them to your business

Work smarter and become more efficient

Time is money! Creating a presentation can take a long time. But this is no longer acceptable because people don’t have time anymore. We will propose a new style of business presentation creation and provide you with the right resources and systems to become much more efficient. We also have training courses for your staff to implement all these skills into practice.

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The Presentation Champion Box combines the best programs and trainings on Presentation and Communication skills. The Box consists of the PowerPoint Master Professional Course, The Rules of Presentation Success and The 1-Hour Presentation Formula. This is a unique product that will provide you with the best training for your individual personal and professional growth and success with presentations. Remember, we want to help you transform your professional life and believe in the potential in everyone of you.  Take action now and get the Presentation Champion Box!

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