Public speaking: Feal the fear but grow with it


Are you afraid of public speaking? If your answer is Yes then you are in good company.

Public speakingAccording to public speaking is No. 1 fear of humans. In a statistic from the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States conducted in 2016, Fear of public speaking, so-called “Glossophobia” ranks first in all phobias that humans experience.

The fear of public speaking affects 74% of the US population which puts Glossophobia over the fear of death which scores 68%.

So what does this tell you? Well, first of all it reminds you that having this fear is natural and not a reason to worry. Secondly, I would like to add that it shows that you have tremendous potential within you.

If you look at all the Top-Speakers you rarely think that they would experience fear but the truth is that they are. They have just learned how to cope with it and turned it around.

One example is a famous news anchor from CNN who is on broadcast nearly every weekday. He publicly announced on air that he hates public speaking and he finds it significantly more challenging compared to broadcasting to an audience watching TV.

Last but not least it tells you that practice and repetition moves you forward which will also work for your presentation and public speaking skills.
Accept you fears and learn how to grow with it.

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