Creating a photo album with PowerPoint


in this edition I would like to introduce a little known PowerPoint feature to you: Creating a photo album.

I came across this topic once again after I answered on user question on the platform

One user was asking this question:
In Windows 10, if I have a folder of pictures/GIFs, is there a quick way to make a PowerPoint presentation of all images and GIFs (ideally random)?

I think that this might be of interested for you when you have to present a Slideshow with many images. The photoalbum function allows you to perform a bulk upload of your images into the PowerPoint presentation.

Afterwards you can adjust the order of your images if you wish to do so and then PowerPoint will automatically create a Slideshow with all your images placed on separate slides in your presentation.

I have put together a short explanation video where you will exactly see how this functionality of PowerPoint works. Click here to watch the video:

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