Creating a presentation in 1 Hour – This is how you do it!



today I am very excited to introduce a new revolutionary system to you that will exactly show you how to become significantly more efficient with PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint is part of almost every office job and it has over 350 million users worldwide. Yet, it is a nuisance for many people because it wastes so much time. Millions of working hours get lost every year because people spend so much time on PowerPoint and still struggle with it and create poor presentations. What if there was a system, or a formula that shows you how to create a PowerPoint presentation is less time?

Congratulations! We will present you a revolutionary system, the 1-Hour-Presentation-Formula that shows you how to create a presentation in just 1 hour instead of spending a whole week or month on it.

We will suggest a completely different and new style of presenting and cannot wait to introduce this game-changing system with you.

The system consists of 6 simple steps that help you to create a presentation in less time, to be more specific: You can create presentations in 1 hour.

But before you start with this system you need to prepare yourself mentally to see presentations from different angle than you do now. When we think of PowerPoint presentations, they are usually created in a way where the slides are full with information and where loads of slides are used for presenting. This is actually not necessary anymore and we willl propose a style of presenting that is more user-targeted by using precise and clear argumentation and language. The system is based on a few core premises like “Simple is better than complex” or “Be precise”. All of this will be explained in the eBook in detail.

Once you familiarize yourself mentally with these assumptions and premises you will see presentations from a new perspective and creating presentations was never easier before. With the simple 6-step method that can be placed on a coffee coaster you will be able to save loads of time for preparing and creating a presentation.

You can get the 1-Hour-Presentation Formula as a published E-Book.
Start here and save a tremendous amount of time for creating your presentations:

and check out the coaster template for your office desk here


Best wishes,

Christopher Lier

Presentation Champion

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