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Sales Funnel

Websites are old school, what you need for promoting your business, product or service is a sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a great tool and one of the most effective ways to gain customers for your business.  In fact, it has never been easier for you to become successful in online marketing because all the tools are there for you.

Gone are the days where you needed a website full of content and a blog to regularly post to your customer and follower base. While these things are still useful and work, there is a much better way to market online today. A sales funnel targets people specifically, either through Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) for certain keywords, paid traffic (PPC) or social media and video marketing. Furthermore, it is possible to link your email list to the sales funnel .

With a funnel you track results in a very detailed way. You can link traffic sources to a landing page and test the whole funnel for conversion rate optimization. Analysing tools include A/B testing which tests the performance of two different site variations in contrast to each other or heatmaps to see where you create the most interaction on your page.

These days all the tools for your success in online marketing are already there. You just need to make use of them and create an attractive funnel with a good product or solution for customers. You don't even a product anymore, you can also earn commissions in Affiliate-Marketing by recommending products of other vendors to customers.

If you need a landing page, then visit Apexure. The UK-based company has experience in the field and is specialized on building conversion-optimized landing pages. Start today with building your own sales funnel and succeed in the online marketing game!

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