May 1, 2017

Best PowerPoint presentations – 5 Examples of good presentation design

Here I would like to share 5 examples of presentation design of the Best PowerPoint presentations. The examples presented show what is possible when working with PowerPoint and highlight that slides don`t necessarily have to be sophisticated for this. A simple slide tells you the things better than anything else. So let`s have a look at some examples of the Best PowerPoint presentations.


No. 1 – Best PowerPoint presentations

Best PowerPoint presentations - Example 1Let`s have a look at this slide. Why do you think that this slide is so effective and one of the best PowerPoint presentations? I would say because it doesn`t include any written text in sentences. This graphic presents two models of systems of indicators with simple process diagrams.

Furthermore, it contains arrows which give the slide a logic of presenting trends and developments. It even directly addresses the viewer with the question mark and asks you to complete the diagram in head mind. Another benefit is the simple, white background design and a consistent colour combination.



No. 2 – Best PowerPoint presentations

Best PowerPoint presentations - Example 2


This example is showing a slide show graphic with a simple, but very effective design. The image of the earth covers the centre of the slides and immediately catches the attention of the viewer. The text written above the image is using the open sentence rhetoric technique which leaves room for the viewer to think about the message.

Additionally, different colours are used and the closing of the sentence finishes the message. The picture is in a way contradicting with the message because the viewer sees so much water. Thereby it impresses the viewer and creates a long-lasting and effective message.


 No. 3 – Best PowerPoint presentations

Best PowerPoint presentations - Example 3

This example is not using any images, but rather substantiates a message with diagram and the power of data and statistics. It is a Best PowerPoint presentations example because the message is communicated very clearly and the colour combination is perfectly supporting it. The increased font sizes of the axis make sure that the viewer immediately gets the message and understands the chart.  With a colour change in the title the message becomes clearer and the importance of the data information is highlighted.


 No. 4 – Best PowerPoint presentations

Best PowerPoint presentations - Example 4

The example No. 4 of the best PowerPoint presentations shows you a slide show promoting a conference event. This type of presentation is persuasive and wants to convince the viewer to buy the conference ticket. In this case, simplicity is once more the key element. The people avatars at the bottom create a friendly atmosphere. The different font colours fit together and overall a coherent and harmonic advertisement is created which makes this slide one of the best PowerPoint presentations.

No. 5 – Best PowerPoint presentations

Best PowerPoint presentations - Example 5

Let`s take a look at the last example of one of the best PowerPoint presentations. Here we have a slide show again which only uses two words and a direct appeal to the audience. Also, the slide finishes an open sentence from the slide before and thereby creates engagement. The background image has a reduced brightness and contrast which makes the text clearly visible. With the lense one person is highlighted in the mass of people which shows the power and capabilities of individuals. The creation of this slide is presented in the PowerPoint Master Course as well where you will exactly learn how to do this slide. Start now with the PowerPoint Master Course to achieve the same great results and stun your audience.

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