March 30, 2017

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Start now to become a master in PowerPoint and transform your professional life

With the PowerPoint Master Course you will get a package of valuable high quality video lectures that will change your professional life. What does that mean and why is it relevant to me?

PowerPoint is undoubtedly the No. 1 presentation tool in business and education. If you don`t know how to work with the program, understand the basics and know workflow procedures, you will run into serious trouble in your career.

What you need is a  step-by-step guide that will teach you how to work with PowerPoint efficiently and effectively.  With the PowerPoint Master Course you have the chance to gain a really valuable skill and learn how to create great presentations that stun your audience and how to use PowerPoint the right way.

Presentation skills is one of the most demanded skills in job market. If you understand how to use PowerPoint for making great presentations and also learn the right techniques how to present and deliver your presentation, then you have an enormous advantage compared to your colleagues. Take a look at the different course options to find the right course package for you.

Start now to transform your professional life!

¹You can claim a 100% Money Back Guarantee for up to 30 days after the purchase if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the course contents

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The Packages in detail

Foundation course package - How to use PowerPoint

PowerPoint Master Foundation Course:

The Foundation Course is a free course to get an understanding of PowerPoint as a beginner or newbie. This course helps you to find a good start and learn how to use PowerPoint. The contents that are covered here include: Basic functions of PowerPoint, Working with slides, Formatting and Layout,Presentation Design, Textwork and view options and some nice bonuses. The Course is hosted on the Education platform and has already been watched by more than 1000 users. You can only get the course for free if you get the coupon code over the Presentation Champion. If you click on the link you can sign up for the course and start learning how to use PowerPoint and presentation skills.

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How to use PowerPoint with the Basic course package

PowerPoint Master Basic Course:

This package provides you with the first two modules of the PowerPoint Master which focus on the elementary and basic functions of working with PowerPoint. The topics covered include things like Slide functions, Formatting and layout, Pictures and objects and Textwork and more. This package focusses at the more basic level of understanding of how to use PowerPoint. With 2 hours of video lectures you will quickly show a learning progress and you start to implement the skills into practice. 1 PowerPoint template will also be included in this course option. As for all course options of the PowerPoint Master you receive a 24/7 access to the online course. Choose this version if you do not have much previous knowledge in PowerPoint and when youwant to get a good understanding of how to use PowerPoint and how to create your own presentations.

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Professional course package

PowerPoint Master Professional Course - Recommendation

This is the complete PowerPoint Master Course as presented on the website. The course is the ideal step-by-step guide for users of all skillsets and motivations to take the course. Whether you struggle with your PowerPoint skills in your job, whether you want to persuade your boss or find the perfect job, or if you are a university or college student who wants to be well prepared for the challenges and demands of the business world, then take this course. Within 4 weeks you will go from Zero to a PowerPoint Master. This course is build on a logical and easy to follow structure. Just by spending 15 minutes a day on the course, which is normally a maximum of 2 lectures per day, you can quickly and sustainably skyrocket your skills to a proficient level within 4 weeks. 

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Coaching Plus course package

PowerPoint Master Coaching Plus Course

This course package is the right choice for you if you want to have a personal coach on your side to make sure that you will reach the results that you expect. The Coaching Plus package tailors the PowerPoint Master Course to your needs and gives you the full course + 3 templates + a total of 4 individual one-on-one skype coaching sessions ( a 1 hour). I will personally speak to you to assist you with the course, to answer any questions you have and to work on presentations together via screenshare. This premium course package will help you to maximise the learning experience and ensures that you achieve success with the course within four weeks. This is an exciting chance to to lift your skills to next level by having a personally tailored learning experience.

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