May 1, 2017

How to do a PowerPoint presentation

How to do a PowerPoint presentation– Your step-by-step guide for presentations


How to do a PowerPoint: In this article we are going to discuss the topic of how to do a PowerPoint presentation.  The approach for creating a good PowerPoint presentation will be presented by means of 5 simple steps that you can easily follow and use for your own presentations. The tips are applicable to nearly all different kinds of presentations and particularly help beginners as well as advanced users in PowerPoint.

Why have I chosen a 5-step method to narrow down this topic and to present it to you? Well, as you might have noticed, this website is all about making PowerPoint EASY. We want to help you to learn the program quickly and to apply the skills in the best way possible. 5 Steps are very easy to follow and to remember and you can apply them in a variety of different occasions.


How to do a PowerPoint presentation – Simple 5-Step formula

The question of how to do a PowerPoint presentation is not so easy in one sentence because a presentation can take on a variety of different approaches. On the one hand, you could have a presentation in front of a class, on the other hand you might want to promote your product in a sales pitch. You can also contrast a presentation in a university as a student to a meeting in a supervisory board of a public company. Soon you will find that presentations are used anywhere and they have their place and importance. Comparing the different types is hardly possible and neither can you give a single clear advice on how to do a presentation.

Therefore, I came up with the idea of creating a simple 5-Step formula on how to do a PowerPoint presentation that can be universally used for all different kinds of presentations. Let`s start now and take a look at the 5 factors that determine your success in creating a PowerPoint presentation. It does not matter whether your sit in a company and want to draw up a presentation on your financial performance in the last quarter or if you want to create an engaging slide show on your last holiday that you want to present to your family members. The 5-Step formula on how to do a PowerPoint presentation can be applied in all instances and is formulated in a way to make it relevant for any case.


How to do a PowerPoint presentation Step 1: Identify the context

The first step that you need to look at is identifying the context of your presentation. Regardless of what you are going to present, you should always start with a thorough identification or analysis on different factors that heavily influence all the coming steps later.  You should always make sure that you understand your type of audience you are presenting to. You should think of your audience as customers. Your customers sit in front of you because they have an interest and motivation to listen to you. Students want to learn or study for their exams and investors in a sales pitch are motivated by making good deals. Put yourself into the position of your audience and find out the motives, motivation and interests.

How to do a PowerPoint presentation - Presentation type

How to do a PowerPoint presentation – Type of presentation

Another important aspect is the type of presentation that you are going to choose. There are basically two different types of presentations: Informative and persuasive presentations. The informative presentations take a logical and rational approach of presenting while persuasive presentations are emotional and engaging. They are trying influence the audience to initiate an action (e.g. Promoting a campaign, selling a product). Informative presentations as well as persuasive presentations can take on a variety of different approaches. Always find the right type of presentation for your case and connect with your audience in best way possible. You should use informative presentations in education, academia and business while you can use persuasive presentations best in advertising, sales promotion and campaigns.

Also make sure that you now your strengths, weaknesses and intention as a presenter. Think about your motives and what you want to achieve and get out of the presentation. To summarize, the question of how to do a PowerPoint presentation has to start with a good understanding of the context and in particular your audience to continue to step 2.


How to do a PowerPoint presentation Step 2: Structure your presentation

You might have noticed that step 1 did not involve the use of the PowerPoint program. Also in step 2 we won`t work with PowerPoint at all. This is an essential point that I would like to point out for the topic of “How to do a PowerPoint presentation”. Most people will immediately open the PowerPoint and try to put down words on the slides as quickly as possible because they think this is most time-efficient. The simple answer is that this is wrong. If you take on this approach you need a lot more.

Normally, you would need to spend a lot of time on finding the right information for the slides, researching data and then also you did not include the time for revising and finalizing everything which usually takes a long time because you will figure out that you have made quite a few of careless mistakes on the way. Normally your end result and the delivery of your presentation will not be very good this way.

What is the better way how to do a PowerPoint presentation? The answer is logical structuring, not only of in terms of the 5 simple steps as your methodological structure but also the structure of the presentation itself. Both aspects are crucial we will therefore discuss the content structuring of your presentation  in step 2 of the simple presentation formula.

By the way, did you know that this article here was an important groundwork for developing the 1-Hour Presentation Formula, the revolutionary system to create presentations in only one hour. Please take a look at the e-book which willl literally change your perception of how to create your presentations.

How to do a PowerPoint presentation - Structure

How to do a PowerPoint presentation –  Find the right type of structure

Before you start structuring your presentation, make sure that you know the message that you are going to communicate to your audience. Brainstorm and find the right contents based on the your presentation message. In terms of structuring different methods exist and the choice of the right structuring type depends on your analysis in step 1. The 5 different types of presentation structuring that the PowerPoint Master Course is presenting are 1) Logical Structuring, 2) Storytelling structuring, 3) Demonstration structuring,  4) Chronological structuring and Simplistic structuring.

I am not going into too much detail here because I will present the different methods in the course. In the illustration above you find the link of your presentation type to different approaches on structuring.  Once you have found a good method on how to do a PowerPoint presentation strcuture, set the contents and the sequence of them. As a general rule, you can remember that you should always start rather generalistic with an introduction and then develop your contents based upon it.

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