May 1, 2017

PPT presentation – Practical tips

What makes a great PPT presentation – 5 thoughts on better presentations

Did you know that most PowerPoint coaches, tutorials and seminars don`t really know how to make great PowerPoint presentations with good-looking slides? Let me point to out to you right from the beginning: I created the PowerPoint Master Course because I see that most other training sources online do not focus on the application of the skills into a PPT presentation. Other courses might teach you how to learn the program of PowerPoint and its functions, they explain the background of the skills or they just put together a list of videos without a real applicability of the knowledge into creating a presentation. But they don`t go further.  I believe that this is not what you and the most people need. What difference does it make in your life to have an understanding of different PowerPoint functions? What truly matters is that you:

  • Become proficient with the program and understand the theory, but then also:
  • Apply the skills in the creation processes of a real PPT presentation
  • Understanding the work-flow of designing a PPT presentation
  • Create professional-looking PPT presentation slides
  • Work efficiently and smart with the program

Let me present you my thoughts on how to create a good PowerPoint presentation (I now am using the term PPT presentation for simplicity).


5 thoughts on a great PPT presentation:

No 1: Use a good design and avoid basic PPT presentation templatesPPT presentation - Presentation template

A PPT presentation can include the most valuable information, the best research, the most terrific contents, but it all doesn`t matter. You cannot rely on your professional expertise in your field where you are working in. You inarguably also need another factor and that is design. And this is the reason why most people don`t like PowerPoint. They simple never really learned how to use it and how to create good-looking slides. Think of PowerPoint as a skill like a language or programming.

It all comes down to understanding principles and rules that will make the difference in your slides. And a very important element of it is design. Unless you are an exceptional presenter you cannot compensate a poor PPT presentation design. The PowerPoint Master will therefore shed light into the area of presentation design, provide you with design ideas and also a list of professional templates for download.


 No 2: Get your creative juices flowing

PPT presentation - Innovative template

Be creative and create something unusal. Yes, why not create something that is unconventional for a PPT presentation and that creates amazement for your audience. An exceptional presentation with new ideas will always be remembered more easily and sticks the mind of your viewers.  Creative elements of a PPT presentation could be slides that are designed in a slide show design with one picture that is covering the whole slides for example. Another could be a demonstrational aspect of presenting real and tangible objects, products or services to your audience.

By including more of these techniques you can address more senses:  Sight (vision), hearing (audition), taste (gustation), smell (olfaction), and touch (somatosensation). Another thing could be the inclusion of rhetoric elements like voice modulation, voice level changes and most importantly the interaction with your audience. Think of your audience as your customers and be as engaging and interactive as you can.


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