July 9, 2017

My Story

My Story


Would you like to suceed and grow in your career and make a difference?

Do you know how hard and scary it can be to deliver a presentation?

Have you experienced that building confidence and raising your voice is really hard?

And do you also feel that it is really hard in the job market to realize all of that?

My Background

My name is Christopher and want to share my story with you because I have experienced this all on my own. When I finished high school I always had the feeling that I wanted to do better than just average and find an exciting career where I could make ideas come true. I started a corporate study program with a big Fortune Global 500 company. I soon had to realize that the job market and big corporations were not as open-minded and driven as a young individual. It was really hard to raise your voice and to stand up for yourself. Does this sound familiar to you? Do you also think that you could do better in your career? I would like to share with you what has turned my career around unbelievably.

And you may not believe it first but it is absolutely true: It was presentation- and communication skills that helped me for career growth. In the first year of my corporate study program I joined the sales management department that handled the branch network of the company. I worked on interesting tasks and projects but the problem was that I always felt inferior and not respected enough by employees who worked there for 15-30 Years. I took the initiative to ask whether I could give a presentation in the monthly meeting of the sales department which was accepted after some requests of mine. Why did I do that and asked for a presentation slot in the meeting? I believe that I just wanted to be respected a little more and I felt I was capable of more in my career.

I always enjoyed PowerPoint and had a sense for design, but when the meeting approached, I studied and learned about presentation techniques, great slide design, data communication and visualization. I put together a presentation with concise and clear information and great design. At the same time I saw other employees in the office rushing through their preparation of the PowerPoint slides just prior to the meeting.

An Instant change in my career

Pictures of me holding the presentation (filmed by co-worker)

On the day itself I listened to the other presenters first and then it was my turn. At that time I just turned 19 and most of the other employees were more than 10-30 Years older than me. Of course I was nervous when I started my presentation. But I was determined to bring in more enthusiasm into the clouded mood of the room and I wanted to speak up. And that was one key to make this presentation successful: I knew my purpose.

Long story short: What happened after the presentation took my breath away and made me speechless. Several employees came to me told me I had done an amazing job and they even congratulated me. The Head of the sales management department wanted me to come into his office in his lunch break. He said that he was impressed and absolutely liked the style of my presentation.

But even more astonishing he said to me that he would take the exact same action for the business decision the way I proposed it in my presentation. What? I did not expect that at all because it was a decision on finding subcontractors that costed about several thousand Euros per month and affected the whole logistics of the national branch network.

This whole story may sound extreme to you, but believe me this is exactly what happended and I remember the day very well.

Career growth - Your past does not matter

I clearly did not expect that I could have made such a significant impact and I was surprised to hear all these responses from other employees. Even more so, you have to understand that in school I was terribly scared of presenting and mostly performed quite poorly. But I took action, I learned, I was courageous and did the steps most people were not willing to take and I turned my career around. And this was just the beginning.

I quit the corporate study program after two years because I wanted to change my course of studies and take on a different career path for career growth. I moved from Germany to the UK and studied one more year to complete my Bachelor in International Business and Entrepreneurship. With all the skills that I have gained from my own research, great advice from professional people and practice of giving presentations.

Vital skills for your whole professional life and career growth

I also found tremendous results in other areas of career growth. At University, in most of my presentations I scored a First-class degree. Then also I created a beautifully designed resume for myself when I applied for an internship after finishing University. The recruiter invited me for an interview and on that date also the CEO joined the table. He told me that he normally does not do the interviews but he and the recruiter said that they have never seen such a well-prepared CV by any applicant. I remember the words of the CEO who literally said “Your CV was sick” 😊.

What was the key to all this? It all comes down to gaining the right skills for career growth and developing yourself as a person. Furthermore, it is important to have the right attitude and mindset and the desire to grow. I am here to support you on that journey and it is my mission to transform your professional life with presentation skills and great slideshows. You achieve career grow in your job even if you are doing it for years and decades.

You can create your own amazing story

Take action!

You can turn your professional life around if you understand communication principles. Whatever you do, it is all about getting your message across and communicating properly. Slideshows and PowerPoint are an essential element for career growth and I will help you to achieve the same amazing results to turn your career around.

It is a common problem that employees are performing way below their potential because they don`t feel respected which then makes them not motivated. And then the consequence is that they just do the work for the work`s sake. Month after Month and Year after Year. Now is the time for you to take action. You can achieve so much more and can have an impact on other people with the right attitude and mindset to grow. And the best way to take action in today`s information age society is by understanding presentation- and communication skills to raise your voice and to transform your professional life and achieve career growth.

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Hi, I am Christopher. Your Presentation Coach

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