May 1, 2017

PowerPoint classes – The modules of the PowerPoint Master Course

PowerPoint classes – The content sections

PowerPoint classes - Structure of the courseIn this article, we will look at the PowerPoint classes that the PowerPoint Master Course has to offer. The course is structured into 4 modules + 1 bonus module and contains more than 35 valuable video lectures with high quality contents. The course is comprehensive and has the ambition to cover PowerPoint on a full level to make it the ultimate course for learning the program and creating great presentations.

In total the course contains more than 5 hours of video contents, which provides the opportunity to cover all the important elements of the program and two full creation processes of presentations. We also know that you want to learn the skills quickly and see results and progress soon. Therefore you can customize your course based on your preferences and current skill level and choose between different course package options. So let us now look at the PowerPoint classes that the PowerPoint Master Course has to offer.

Module 1 PowerPoint classes – Getting started with PowerPoint

PowerPoint classes - Module 1The first module of the course contains PowerPoint classes that help you to get a good introduction into the program of PowerPoint. We will only go through an introduction video, a skills-assessment quiz and two other lectures here. The quiz is primarily provided to help you to find out at what level you currently are in PowerPoint and where you can learn and improve your skills.

The introduction video presents you what the course is about and what PowerPoint classes are covered. You will also already learn some principles and characteristics of good PowerPoint presentations. The content lectures include a video on the basics of PowerPoint where we will look at the interface of the program and where you will gain an overview of the program and its capabilities. The final one of the PowerPoint classes in Module 1 is presenting the elements of slide work and slide functions of PowerPoint.

Module 2 PowerPoint classes – The Basics of PowerPoint

PowerPoint classes - Module 2The Module 2 is comprehensive and will guide you through the program of PowerPoint and its most important functions. In this module will make sure that you will learn all the basic functions and elements of PowerPoint because you have to understand them in order to enhance your skills to a high standard and excel with PowerPoint. The PowerPoint classes in this module focus on the functions of the program but also we will also start working on the creation processes of a real company presentation. The direct application of the skills into practice creates an interactive learning experience. You can simultaneously work on the presentations and the program while or after listening to the PowerPoint classes video contents.

Module 3 PowerPoint classes – Customizing your presentation

PowerPoint classes - Module 3In the Module 3, the PowerPoint classes include more creative and advanced elements of PowerPoint. Therefore we named the module “Customizing your presentation”. Throughout the module we work on the creation process of the company presentation and at the end you will understand how to create presentations completely from scratch. The topics in the PowerPoint classes include e.g. Language and proofing, videos and audios, slide master, diagrams and charts, smart arts and many more.

Module 4 – PowerPoint classes – The art of creating a great presentation

PowerPoint classes - Module 4When you have followed PowerPoint classes until here, you have already made a substantial progress and enhanced your skills significantly. In module 4, you will get a look on PowerPoint from a different perspective, the creative side. So far, we have covered all the different functions and their application in the PowerPoint classes and in module it`s time to expand our horizons and dive into the world of creative slide shows. A slide show is different from presentations and provides a lot of room for creativity. Slide shows can be useful for advertisement, public speaking and persuasive presentations. At the end of module 4 you have gotten a thorough view on PowerPoint from many different angles and you will be ready to start creating your own great looking presentations and persuade your audience like never before.

Module 5 – PowerPoint classes – Bonus module

The bonus module will round the course up with additional information, tools, checklists and scripts of the PowerPoint classes. It will give you the opportunity to review some important lectures on paper and provides you with all the materials for that.  The PowerPoint classes contained many contents and in this module it`s time to review everything and realize how much you have achieved in the PowerPoint Master Course.


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