August 27, 2017

PowerPoint Master Basic Course

Learn PowerPoint with the PowerPoint Master Basic Course


The PowerPoint Master Basic Course is the entry version to learn PowerPoint. The Basic course is great for people who need a quick start to learn PowerPoint and easy introduction into the most important functions of the program. With 2 hours of video content and a quiz at the end, you will get the hang of PowerPoint and you can be sure that you will see results. As for all PowerPoint Master packages, you can access the course contents anytime. The Course is perfect for beginners, students and employees who want to start building their skills or need a refreshment to stay skilled and be ready to use PowerPoint proficiently.

The PowerPoint Master Basic course provides you with the basic knowledge to learn PowerPoint functions. The videos cover them step-by-step in HD screencast lectures with closed captions. The topics covered to learn PowerPoint include topics liks Slide functions, Formatting and layout, Pictures and objects, textwork and many more. You will get the best introduction learn PowerPoint as a beginner. With 2 hours of video lectures you will quickly see a learning progress.

Many people struggle with PowerPoint and you are probably here for the same reason. It is a shame that people have to use the program in their everyday lives in the job or in college but nobody has ever teached them to learn PowerPoint and work with it. Even more astonishing is the fact that business decisions are made every day based on PowerPoint charts. PowerPoint plays a magnificient role and people often underestimate it. But the fact is that communication is very important and data needs to be communicated properly and targeted to the audience. With the PowerPoint Master Basic Course you will be introduced into the basics of the program that will help you to quickly make progress to learn PowerPoint and to understand presentations.

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