August 27, 2017

PowerPoint Master Coaching Plus Package

How to use PowerPoint for professional presentations with individual coaching

The PowerPoint Master Coaching Plus Package is the right choice for you if you want to have a personal coach on your side and learn how to use PowerPoint professionally. The Coaching Plus package tailors the PowerPoint Master Course to your needs and gives you the full course + 3 templates + a total of 4 individual one-on-one skype coaching sessions ( a 1 hour). You will exactly understand how to use PowerPoint and how to create great-looking presentations. In the Skype Calls you will be coached to make the best out of your presentations and you have the chance to address your individual questions on how to use PowerPoint.

Furthermore, it will be possible to work on a presentation in the call over the Skype screenshare feature which make your learning experience even better. This premium package gives you the best return on investment and ensures that you really achieve success with the course within four weeks. This is an exciting chance to lift your skills to next level by having a personally tailored learning experience on how to use PowerPoint. It is a very rewarding feeling to master the skills of PowerPoint and it will boost up your career. This is a great chance for you to understand the power of presesentations with PowerPoint and to immediately implement it and see results in real life.

Learn how to use PowerPoint, how to create great-looking presentation slides and how to communicate information and data effectively. In today’s economies and job markets you have the unique chance to become one of very few people to truly understand presentations with PowerPoint. This skill is not very popular and therefore you can really make use of it to bring your career to the next level. If you want to know how to use PowerPoint the right way and how to utilize the power of presentations, then start now with the individual learning experience: The PowerPoint Master Presentation Plus Package.

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Content Plan
How to use PowerPoint with profesional skills training
Your personalized presentation coaching