August 28, 2017

PowerPoint Master Foundation Course

Learning PowerPoint with the PowerPoint Master Foundation Course

Learning PowerPoint and getting ready for presentations


The Foundation Course of the PowerPoint Master is created for people who are completely new to PowerPoint. Emphasing on basic elements you can get a foundational knowledge to start working with the program of PowerPoint. This video course takes 1 hour and comes with additional elements such an articles and checklists for your presentation. The Course is hosted on and has already helped a lot of people to start learning presentation skills with PowerPoint. In this course, 6 lectures are included: Basic functions of PowerPoint, Working with Slides, Formatting and Layout, Presentation Design, Textwork and View options. Learning PowerPoint with the PowerPoint Master Foundation Course is the easiest way to start.

Why is it that so many people don’t know how to really work with PowerPoint? It’s very simple, they have never really learned it properly. Therefore, the mision of the Presentation Champion is to educate people with state-of-the-art presentation skills. The first step for you as a newbie to start learning¬† PowerPoint and its basic functions. This will give you the foundation knowledge for developing your skills to become great at presentations.

Learning PowerPoint with the Foundation Course is easy and you very much focused on the practical applicability of the contents. This means that you will be able to quickly understand basic principles and functions of the program and can start creating your own presentations. With only 1 hour contents, this course can be taken in a short time. If you have no idea where to start with PowerPoint then this course is perfect for you. There is no risk involved as it is completely free for you if you sign up here. Just fill in your email and you can start right now with the easy way for learning PowerPoint.

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