May 1, 2017

PowerPoint presentation tips

PowerPoint presentation tips – 5 easy ideas for your presentations

In this article I would like to share 5 proven PowerPoint presentation tips with you. You can use them immediately for you presentations and they will help you to make a real difference and amaze your audience like never before. After all, it is all about your audience because they are spending their time to listen to you and they have a reason and motivation to listen to you. So without further ado, let`s just start looking at the 5 PowerPoint presentation tips.


PowerPoint presentation tips – TIP No. 1:

1 Message per Slide

Powerpoint presentation tips - Tip No. 1

People tend to think that they must the slides full with information so the audience can learn the most from them. This is totally wrong. Your audience will not take anything away from your presentation when you confuse them and they might miss the wood for the trees.  The solution is very simple. The same as for any kind of advertising simplicity is key for communicating a message.Your audience will remember the things that are simple and well-presented.

Therefore, my suggestion is to only put one message per slide only and if you use bullet points, then limit the number of a maximum of 5. Don`t use long sentences and prefer a few words for your content presentation.  Optimally, use graphs, images or charts to substantiate your message.Also, please keep in mind, that in order to present a message, you as a presenter must know what the message is. Don`t put your slide full of contents and thereafter try to make sense of it. You should have an idea of what you are intending you present before you start creating the slide.


PowerPoint presentation tips – TIP No. 2:

Use images instead of bullet points

Powerpoint presentation tips - Tip No. 2You can use bullet points for your presentations, however I would necessarily recommend it.  Do you know how the best presentations in the world look like? I am sure you have seen a presentation of Apple for their product presentations.

They never use texts or information on their slides but rather show a very simplistic view for their slides with large images, diagrams or a single number that is highlighted in large letters. One of the best PowerPoint presentation tips is truly to limit your wording and communicate your message over other forms of media. It also shifts the attention from the slide to the presenter which can be a beneficial tool to better reach out to your audience.


PowerPoint presentation tips – TIP No. 3:

Use open sentences

Powerpoint presentation tips - Tip No. 3I have mentioned it so many times before in the PowerPoint presentation tips that your audience is needs to be properly addressed. Therefore, you can think of another idea such as the usage of open sentences. An open sentence doesn`t show you a complete sentence but rather stops somewhere after a clause. You can then close the sentence on the next slide and ask your audience about it before introducing the respective slide.  Furthermore, it is useful to use questions on slides and highlight important parts of your texts in different colours.

Similar to the TIP No. 2 of the PowerPoint presentation tips this one requires some form of engagement of you as the presenter. When you put on open sentences in big font sizes on the slides, you have to know that you have to react to it in your presentation. Otherwise, you would create confusement and a slide with big letters of text might not look good on its own.


PowerPoint presentation tips – TIP No. 4:

Tell a story

Powerpoint presentation tips - Tip No. 4Another interesting idea for PowerPoint presentation tips can be the use of storytelling elements.  Your audience is much more likely to listen to you when they see a red thread that is crossing your presentation. Make sure that your presentation is entirely based on a red thread logic and also explain this to your audience right at the beginning in the table of contents.

Just think about it for a moment: Would you be more likely to follow a presentation that gives you smorgasbord of texts or a PowerPoint presentation based on a story? It is also possible and useful to include emotional elements into your presentation such as reaching out to your audience on a personal level. People follow people and not contents and also emotions are much stronger than thoughts and pure logic. Try to pay attention to this one of the PowerPoint presentation tips and you will soon see the difference in the way how your presentation is perceived.


PowerPoint presentation tips – TIP No. 5:

Use inspirational quotes

Powerpoint presentation tips - Tip No. 5My last one of the 5 PowerPoint presentation tips is to include inspirational quotes into your presentation.  People like quotes and words of wisdom from people who they can learn from. It is a smart idea to use quotes in your presentations to give your audience something that is easily to remember. Also, when you look at platforms like Instagram, and Twitter it is often the channels and people who post quotes who get high numbers of followers.

This is because people love to get something simple and easy to remember. When you present them a distinctive 1-sentence quote, chances are high that it makes an impression on your audience. You could show them a quote at the end of your presentation instead of the empty phrase “Thank you for your attention”. Forget about this standard quote and just let your creativity flow.


These were 5 TOP PowerPoint presentation tips. I hope is was useful to you and you enjoyed reading it. If you want to learn more insight PowerPoint presentation tips, the PowerPoint Master Course will be very valuable to you. Remember that this course will exactly go into these areas of skills application into real practice and does not stop on the theoretical level. I hope to see you soon again inside the course and wish you all the best with applying the PowerPoint presentation tips into your presentations.

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