May 1, 2017

PowerPoint Tutorial – How can I start working with PowerPoint?

PowerPoint Tutorial – How can I start working with PowerPoint?

If you want to master a skill you need the proper training for it. The program of PowerPoint is no exception to this. Just like any other type of software, the program does require training in order to learn it. In this article I would like to present you a PowerPoint tutorial which shows you how to start working PowerPoint. The PowerPoint tutorial uses images and a video tutorial to give to a good understanding of what I am talking about.  This PowerPoint tutorial is more a broader introduction to give you a good starting point into the program based on professional expertise. We will look into the interface of the program and some basic functions that you need for getting started.


PowerPoint tutorial

PowerPoint Tutorial – Introduction into the interface of PowerPoint

The interface of PowerPoint is designed in a very easy way. The top menu is very important and there you can access all the different content sections of PowerPoint. The standard version of the program provides 9 tabs with the respective labels: File, Home, Insert, Design, Transitions, Animations, Slide Show, Review and View. Here in this PowerPoint tutorial we will only look at their importance briefly so you can take away the important background knowledge that you need.

PowerPoint tutorial – Different Tab sections

The “File” tab allows you to access general functions of PowerPoint such as saving the presentation, opening recent presentations you have worked on before or printing your presentation for example. Furthermore, you can look at previous saved version of your presentation file and assigning a password protection to your document. Also you can set the general PowerPoint options such as Language settings, Add-In settings as well as pre-defined preferences for typography and proofing here.

PowerPoint tutorial - Slide functions   Powerpoint tutorial - Design


One tab further you will find “Home”. This standard menu gives you the options to change your font settings, insert new slides, aligning texts and objects and applying layout options with different textbox styles. Then you go on to the “Insert tab” where you can work with anything related to inserting objects. In this section you can insert tables, pictures, illustrations such as shapes and charts, textboxes and also video and audio files.

Moving on to the “Design tab” you will find all the options for background formatting and setting a presentation design.  In one PowerPoint tutorial in the PowerPoint Master Course you get a detailed presentation of all the aspects to find a good presentation design. As you might know I am not a friend of basic templates in PowerPoint as the background design. Watch out for good templates that are available for download online or design your own great-looking design.


PowerPoint Tutorial – Slide functions and slide editing area


After having presented the top menu in this PowerPoint tutorial as the most important switch area I would now like to shift the focus on the slide editing area below. Also, the PowerPoint Master Course includes a comprehensive PowerPoint tutorial on the slide functions right at the beginning to introduce you into the work with the program.

One the left hand side of the PowerPoint program you will find the slide sidebar where you can navigate between all your slides. When you click on the slide you will be directed to the slide and the contents that you can then adjust however you like. On the middle of the screen you can conspicuously see the main editing area of slides in PowerPoint. There you can anything for your slide: You can adjust and put in new contents, work with textboxes, charts or anything you like.

PowerPoint is very flexible and allows you to fully customize a slide based on your preferences and ideas. You could even use the program for creating adverts or leaflets if you want to. You don`t have to work with PowerPoint as a slide show presentation tool and you can also just use it for creative purposes.

The best PowerPoint tutorial for beginners

I hope this PowerPoint tutorial article gave you a little insight and a good overview into the interface of the program. As mentioned, just remember that the PowerPoint Master Course will look at all of these functions and options in detail and covers them in full video lectures. I wish you good luck to start with the powerful program of PowerPoint and have fun in the world of presentations. If you are beginner, I can strongly recommend the following video course for you which is a PowerPoint tutorial on the basics of the program.

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