September 9, 2017

Presentation Champion

Transform Your Professional Life With Presentation Skills Training


The Presentation Champion is your companion on your way to transform your professional life with presentation skills training. The best knowledge, skills and tools to grow in your career are provided here for you. The is the right place to start your journey to develop yourself and your presentation and communication skills. This is the best thing that you can do because it helps you in so many different areas of your life. You need skills and knowledge to grow and to keep moving in your life. The skills of effective presentations and communication determine not only your success in your career and business, but also in your life. Targeted communication is the buzzword that matters and we want to help you become proficient and trained in these areas to transform your professional life.

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What is the Presentation Champion?

The Presentation Champion is a platform for top-class training on communication and presentattion skills training. Furthermore, we are building a community of like-minded people who want to grow in their lives. Originally started as a training course on PowerPoint, we developed our portfolio and found our mission to transform the lives of people with presentation and communication skills. The Presentation Champion is THE right place to learn, grow and develop yourself.

We are collaborating with leaders and authorities in the field of presentations,  public speaking and performing arts which allows us to produce high profile content and training courses. Also we see the big picture of where communication and presentation skills training can help you in your career and we  combine online with offline training. We are based in the United Kingdom near London and want to reach out everyone in the world who shares our mission.

What also makes us special is that we produce a lot of free content on presentation skills training to our members. We have many insightful articles, free videos and courses, blog posts, a newsletter and much more where you can get learn a lot to improve your skills and to get inspiration for presentations.

Our training and courses

How can we help you and which problems does the Presentation Champion solve?

Our Presentation Champion Courses provides you with Top-Class presentation and communication skills. We provide a range of different course options and would like to present you our different categories of training products here. The Presentation Champion Box combines the best of our products and gives you the best learning experience  for presentation skills, PowerPoint training and Slideshow creation, office productivity tools and techniques for your presentation success.

The PowerPoint Master Course Series is the ultimate course to learn Microsoft PowerPoint and how to create great Slideshows step-by-step.  The Series come with different course options depending on your skillset and ambitions. The Foundation Course is an introduction into PowerPoint for beginners and is available for free. The Basic Course, Professional Course and Coaching Plus Course provide you with a methodical and practical way to learn presentation skills with PowerPoint. The Professional Course and Coaching Plus Course also provide you with a certificate which can be a gamechanger to grow in your career. You can find a detailed description of the Presentation Master Course Series here.

The Rules of Presentation Success presents you highly effective presentation tools that make a difference in presenting. With this e-book you will learn the skills and techniques to deliver great presentations on a stage. From simple presentation tips and tricks to rhetoric and communication or persuasion and pitching, this course will present you proven tools that actually work. Start here with The Rules of Presentation Success.

Our latest innovation is a revolutionary system to become highly efficient in creating a presentation. The 1-Hour Presentation Formula will present you a unique system that will make presentations easy for you. The system will show you how to create a presentation in only 1 hour! The Formula will save you a lot of time for your presentations and suggests a new and innovative style of presenting. You can place the Formula on a coffee or beer coaster, that is how simple it is to create top-presentations in less time with the right tools.

We recommend the Presentation Champion Box which combines our best trainings and courses, The PowerPoint Master Professional Course, The Rules of Presentation Success and The 1-Hour Presentation Formula. Start now with the course to transform your professional life!