May 1, 2017

What makes a great PPT presentation – Page 2

5 thoughts on better presentations

No 3: Understand the topic and motivate yourself

Professional PowerPoint presentation - School classDo you remember doing PPT presentation in front of your school class or are you still a student? What experience was it for you? Was it rather unpleasant or fun? I think the answer for the most of us is that we don`t really like so much and we were nervous when we had to present. Did you ever ask yourself why that is case? I have an idea to find an answer for this question. For sure, it is natural to get nervous when speaking in front of other people but I think there is another element that plays an important role.

It is the level of interest and motivation to present. I assume that in school we have to present because it is mandatory element of the curriculum or teacher wants us to present.  It is very understandable that we are not intrinsically motivated in a situation like this. On the other hand, we are excited and more willing to present a professional PowerPoint presentation when we are passionate about the topic. When you find your interest in a topic and understand it well, there will be much more motivation, fun and more excitement to present.


No 4: Separate planning from working to create a Professional PowerPoint presentation

Professional PowerPoint presentation - Time managementLet`s go back now to the bullet point list I presented to you earlier on what PowerPoint learning on a professional PowerPoint presentation should be about. Take a look at the last point of working efficiently. I would like to share one tip with you that enormously changed my productivity. It Is the separation of your methods of working. The principle is not only applicable to a professional PowerPoint presentation but many other areas of work. When you are working on a task, job or project you could be doing 3 different types working of working: 1) Planning and thinking, 2) Coordinating and managing, 3) Working. Take a look at your tasks in PowerPoint and identify what different kind of work you do.

The first type is the creative part: You plan and think of ways to do your professional PowerPoint presentation, e.g. structuring and finding a design. The second type means narrow your ideas and plan down and make it more tangible for your PPT presentation. And then in phase three you only execute what planned before. Make sure that you have a separation of these phases because it helps you to increase your efficiency enormously and you use a structured way of working.


 No 5: Professional PowerPoint presentation: Don`t accept average and raise your standards

Professional PowerPoint presentation - Slide designIt is very common to quickly create a professional PowerPoint presentation without much preparation and planning because people think that they can save time by doing this. You should now know that it is a misconception. When you work with a step-by-step approach and thoroughly plan your PPT presentation, then the actual content and slide creation part becomes very easy and your presentation is ready quickly. So this is my last advice: Don`t fall into the trap of thinking a professional PowerPoint presentation can be best done the quick-and-dirty way.

Raise your standards and use a professional template, be creative and present your audience an exceptional professional PowerPoint presentation. Believe me, you will get credit for it and presentation skills are one of the most valued skills in the job market. Take the effort of learning the skills to do a professional PowerPoint presentation and you will exactly see what I am talking about. Start here to take your skills to the next level.