August 27, 2017

The 1-Hour Presentation Formula

Save a tremendous amout of working time with the 1-Hour Presentation Formula

Death by PowerPoint. What is that? Many people use this term but what does Death by PowerPoint actually stand for? Whole online articles exist on this subject and talks gave been given about it. So what is Death by PowerPoint and why do people even use this term? “Death by PowerPoint is a phaenomenon caused by the poor use of presentation software” ( We don’t like boring presentations and overloaded slides that don’t bring any value. But this is the actual reality, people create ineffective PowerPoint slides that will make make the audience tired and bored. Also the problem with “Death by PowerPoint” is that people spends hours, days and weeks for creating a presentation and meetings: A complete waste of time.

Therefore, we haved developed a revolutionary system, that will give the right tools and methods to create a presentation is much less time. The 1-Hour Presentation Formula will save you incredible amounts of working time and boost up your productivity. Death by PowerPoint will no longer be exisisting in your vocabulary with this groundbreaking system. In this book, you will start thinking out-of-the-box and question everything you have heard about presentations before. This will allow you to design presentations highly user-friendly and engaging. The main benefit that this system has to offer is the methodical approach to creating a presentation. The 1-Hour Presentation Formula has the goal to help you design your presentation in 1 hour only!

How much time do you normally spend on creating presentations? Probably sometimes 10 hours+, even though you don’t even notice it because it all adds up. This is why people don’t like PowerPoint. But it can be much easier if you know the right methods, the right presentation style, and the right tools. This is all included in the 1-Hour Presentation-Formula which gives you new inspiration and can make your working life much easier. The e-book also includes a coaster for your office that you can put on your desk and a 1-page checklist with the steps of the 1-Hour Presentation Formula. Don’t wait any longer, get 1-Hour Presentation Formula and create loads of time for you!

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