June 16, 2017

Video lecture preview

PowerPoint Master Courses – Video Lecture Preview

Lecture preview – Presentation design

Lecture preview – Presenter view

Lecture preview – Videos

Lecture preview – Animations

Lecture preview – How to communicate data

Lecture preview – Know your audience and purpose

How to learn PowerPoint effectively with HD learning videos + Closed Captions

The training videos are the heart of the PowerPoint Master Course and also the Presentation Champion package. With this video training you will get the best skills and knowledge about PowerPoint and you can apply these into practice very quickly. Above you will find some example of videos that are part of the actual courses. You will see how contents will be covered and how practical and insightful the training will be for you. These are just 6 videos out of the around 40 that the full course has to offer.

When you want to learn how to use PowerPoint, then this is the perfect course for you. The videos have a good length of around 5-20 minutes. You can get through the full course in less than a month time if you only learn 2 lectures a day which is usually not much than 30 minutes. If you spend an hour a day you can manage to do the course in less than 2 weeks. It all depends on you how you would like to learn how to use PowerPoint. You decide on your own learning pace and the contents are available to you at anytime. All videos are in HD quality and have Closed Captions for a great learning experience.

Besides these videos we also have a lot of free content on our site and we really want to encourage you to take a look to start your journey to become a great presenter. Here in the articles section we have several useful guides, papers and checklist on how to use PowerPoint, and here in the blog we regularly post useful contents as well.

Learn How to Use PowerPoint with our specialized courses and trainings and visit our Store to start now.