March 30, 2017

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The Presentation Champion is providing you with valuable information and training sources for your personal development. The presentation training course is including all different aspects that you need in presentations, from slideshow creation skills to presentation, rhetoric skills and communication skills. To become successful with presentations, in your career and life in general you need the right tools, otherwise you get stuck and don’t know where to start from. The presentation training course of the Presentation Champion provides you with resources that will make a difference for you. Here you will learn presentation skills from all different angles and get a complete package of practical solutions and tools on your hand. On this page you will see the course contents and the way the course is built in detail. Take a look on also find preview videos here!

Overview of the course structure

The Modules of the Course

A red thread crosses all the presentation training course modules from start to finish and ensures that you get to know all the skills and content you need in order to suceed with presentations. The simple structure of the presentation training course with 4 Modules + Bonus Module and the 2 eBooks makes the course easy to follow. The quizzes on the end of each module help you to review your learning progress. Also included is the certificate for successfully completing the PowerPoint Master Course.

The Contents

Content plan
Content plan

The Presentation Champion is covering everything that you need to know to become proficient with presentations and communication. The Module 1 of the PowerPoint Master Course focuses on a general introduction and broad overview of the PowerPoint as the preferred presentation program. The second module is much more specific and presents a large variety of different functionalities of PowerPoint and slideshow creation fundamentals. The video sessions of the presentation training contain a condensed presentation of the functions to ensure a good and quick learning progress. Contents addressed here are for example: Formatting and Layout, Structuring, Textwork, Slide Sections and View Options. Module 3 is presenting you the more advanced slideshow creation contents. This part includes aspects like Language functions, Videos and Audios, Data visualization with diagrams and the Slide Master. In module 4, the focus is more about creative elements of working with PowerPoint and the aspect of Slide Show creation. Furthermore, the presentation training video sessions give you background knowledge on presentation skills, explain common mistakes in presenting and many other useful things. The presentation training course is rounded off with the Bonus module where you find lecture scripts and other helpful contents like a list of design template recommendations.

The additional contents in terms of the eBooks is the ideal complementation of the video presentation training course. The Rules of Presentation Success can become a breakthrough for you when you apply these tremendously powerful skills in practice. The book is full with tools, 20 distinctive presentation techniques that will contribute to your presentation success. 44 pages long, the eBook is providing top-content is a condensed and reader-friendly way. The 1-Hour Presentation Formula will become the guide for you to create presentions much more efficiently. This unique system can be a leverage factor to become much faster and work smarter, also you will see presentations from a different perspective here.

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Presentation Training Course
Presentation training course - PowerPoint skills
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