March 31, 2017

Who is this course for?

How Can The Presentation Champion Help You?


The Presentation Master is the platform where all people meet to develop their lives and careers with presentation and communication skills. We have a wide range of audiences and want to also help you to find the best training and tools to learn the right skills that are benefitial for you.  The Presentation Champion has six main audience groups that can all transform their professional lives with our training. Whether it is a course on the basics of PowerPoint, a personal development package like Presentation Champion Course or a state-of-the-art program on how to create great business presentations. We want to help you to succeed and grow. Select the category that fits best for you and find out more.

Career growth for employees
PowerPoint for beginners
Presentation skills training for students
Business success with great presentations
Personal development
Bring your creative projects to life

What is special about the Presentation Champion?


We believe in the power of education and  hands-on training for effective presentation skills . All courses, books and coachings are build on a simple premise: “Making Learning of Presentation and Communication Skills easy and practicable”. We want to provide you with useful and valuable tools that bring you the results you are looking for. It could be the case that you are stuck in your job for years and you need new insipiration and the right skills to get to the next level in your career. This is exactly where we can help. Also, you maybe have to do a presentation on your Master’s thesis and you want A or 1st class. This is also doable when you know how to do it. Effetive presentation skills are needed everywhere and the Presentation Champion is on a mission to change the lives of people who have this desire to grow and to achieve something. Let’s start now on your journey!

We are connecting the dots!

Connecting the dots – How we fit into your life

You probably haven’t realized how many connections the Presentations Champion has to your Industry. You need Presentation Communication Skills everywhere and you they help you tremendously in your career. We also bring people together and build a community of like-minded people. If you are looking for people who share your values and also want to develop themselves in their careers then this is the right place to you. We are building a Facebook and Meetup community and bring great people together. The graphic above shows you how many interfaces the Presentation Master has to other industries and niches. We can help you with effective presentation skills and communication skills and by learning that you open many doors for yourself and get with other sectors and people as well. Get excited and take action.

Effective presentation skills

Why are effective presentation skills relevant?


Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking is playing a big role in many people’s lives. It is the thing that people are most afraid of in the United States, this has been shown is several  studies.1 If you are experiencing this fear, then you are not alone, but also you should remember that it can stop you becoming who you want to become. So many people are afraid to speak up and raise their voice to share their unique ideas, thoughts and experiences with the world. Think about it: So much talent is lost because of the fear of public speaking. In one sense people stay below their potential in their career, in another way they are afraid to openly present their wisdom to others. If you can master the skills then you will enter a small club of people who have overcome the fear and excel in their lives and careers.

Also, PowerPoint skills are extremely relevant and people often don’t realize the importance of the program is for them. It is the No. 1 presentation tool in the world with around 500 million users worldwide. The skills of visual information and data communication determines the success in your career and in business. Business decisions will be based on PowerPoint charts, school und university presentations have to be made, and you can use it as a tool to present yourself in a job interview. The problem is that 99% of the people don’t know how to work with the tool the right way. Even more scary is that most people of these 99% think that they know how to work with it. When we presented the idea of the Presentation Champion to other people they often said, “Oh, I already have that skill.” But let’s be honest, do you really want to set yourself these standards or do you want to grow your skills and become great at presentations? On which side do you want to be?

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